CCDC Inmate Search

Clark County Detention Center
Clark County Detention Center

About the Clark County Detention Center (CCDC)

The Clark County Detention Center is located in the heart of downtown Las Vegas and houses the majority of inmates in the Clark County, Nevada area. The detention center acts as the centralized jail and holding facility for the Las Vegas-metropolitan area. The location of the facility is 330 S. Casino Blvd., Las Vegas, Nevada 89101. Also, see: North Las Vegas Detention Center.


Providing the most accurate and up to date information regarding the status and location of prisoners in the CCDC, the facility provides an inmate search tool. All arrestees that are brought in under custody into the CCDC must be booked, processed, and fingerprinted prior to having a holding status available for public access using the inmate search tool. Please note, the following information cannot be provided using the tool:

  • Protective custody inmates
  • Inmates that are minors in age (Under 18 years old)
  • Information and search requests received or issued via e-mail correspondence

There are different options to choose from when researching the status of an inmate of the CCDC system. One of the quickest and easiest ways to look for information is to access the online search tool. Once the person requesting information is on the site, the options for finding information are convenient. They include:

CCDC Inmate Search
CCDC Inmate Search

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Search for an Inmate by Last Name

Begin by entering at a minimum, the first two letters of the prisoner’s last name. This may provide more results than what is being requested, so it is important to input as many letters of the prisoner’s last name for the most accurate results when using the site. Once the desired prisoner has been located, the most up to date status of that prisoner should be displayed.


Search by Inmate ID Number

If the last name of the prisoner is unknown, or if an accurate spelling is unavailable, one can look for information on the Clark County Detention Center prisoner by entering the ID number of the person being held. There is a box just under the last name window asking for the prisoner’s number. This number must be complete and accurate or the results will not be available using this portion of the tool.

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Search by Inmate Case Number

Another option when pursuing custody status and information on a CCDC inmate is by using the case number. If the inmate’s last name along with their ID number is not readily available, one can use the prisoner’s case number to locate accurate information. By looking under both the last name and case number boxes, another box listed as the case number box appears. Enter the complete case number to access custody status on the selected prisoner.

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Search by Phone

If Internet access is unavailable, CCDC operates a hotline that can be used to find information on inmates being held within the CCDC facility. By phone, call:


Clark County Inmate Search
Clark County Inmate Search

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