Inmate Search Las Vegas is a site dedicated to providing information on inmates throughout the Las Vegas-metropolitan area. Covering the Clark County Detention Center, the Las Vegas City Jail, the Henderson Detention Center, and the now-closed North Las Vegas Detention Center, this one-stop site has useful search tools that are all consolidated into one simple, easy to navigate the site. With links to facilities, the site has contact numbers, mailing addresses, and eBAIL a 24-hour bail bond company centrally located close to the Clark County Detention Center and the Las Vegas City Jail.

Inmate Search Las Vegas Detention and Enforcement Center

Inmate Search Las Vegas Detention and Enforcement Center


Information About Inmates in the Las Vegas Detention Center

Located at 3300 Stewart Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101. the Detention Center link provides everything needed to gain access to information about prisoners. Highlighted by an inmate search tool link, the city has information for this facility including: processing new arrestees, telephone numbers for the facility, visitation schedules for prisoners, requirements for scheduling visitors of inmates, visits for legal counsel, sending and receiving mail, putting funds onto a prisoner’s books, release of prisoner property, special needs prisoners and programs available, and the release of prisoners.

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Las Vegas Jail Inmate Search

Las Vegas Jail Inmate Search

Las Vegas Traffic Ticket Attorney

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Inmate Search Tools

The inmate search tool gives anyone with Internet access the ability to obtain information for prisoners in any one of the Las Vegas-metro facilities. This includes the now North Las Vegas facility, where all arrestees are processed and housed through the city jail.

The search tool allows visitors to find prisoners in several ways. Options for finding a prisoner using the tool include last name, first name, ID number, or case number. Please note, when entering the last name of the prisoner, a search can find someone with as little as two letters. The most accurate return should include as many letters of the last name of the prisoner as possible. For ID numbers and case numbers, attempt to have complete numbers for each. The information available through on-line requests include bail amounts, formal charges, and the next scheduled court appearance for the prisoner.

The other option for gaining access to information on prisoners is by using the telephone system that each of the facilities provides. Numbers can be accessed by clicking on the specific facility link.

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Entrance Gate C - Las Vegas Detention and Enforcement Center

Entrance Gate C – Las Vegas Detention and Enforcement Center

Las Vegas Bail Bonds Services

eBAIL, the foremost Bail Bonds in Las Vegas Service┬áin the metro area, is can be contacted at any time day or night to assist in the release of prisoners by processing bail in a professional, friendly, and timely manner. eBAIL’s telephone number is (702) 608-2245.

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Inmate Search Las Vegas Jail

Inmate Search Las Vegas Jail